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Rare Piece
Kamal Khalifa (1926-1968)

One Eye

Ink on paper 
22X28 cm 
Signed & dated – 1960

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Effat Naghi

Al Maskhout - The Dwarf

Assemblage from designed plasterand oils and Mixed media

69x49 cm 
Dated - 1960

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Hamed Abdullah (1917 - 1985)

The Man

Inks on paper
24x34 Cm
Signed - 1960

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Hamed Nada

Day and Night

Oil on Silotex

101x81 cm 
Signed and Dated - 1960

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Inji Efflatoun (1924-1989)

In the Woman’s Prison

 Oil on wood
58x52 Cm
Signed and dated - 1960
"from the period of the prison"

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Saad El Khadem (1913-1987)


Pencils on paper
27x42 cm
circa 1960’s

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Youssef Sida (1922 – 1994)


Colored pencils on carton

45x60 cm
Circa 1960

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Ragheb Ayad

The Monastery

Inks and pencils on paper
67x45 cm
Not signed

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El Hussein Fawzi (1905 – 1990)


oil on wood
175x240 cm

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