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El Hussein Fawzi (1905 – 1990) - Anna Boghiguian - Katherine Bakhoum - Sarkis Tossoonian - Ervand Demirdjian (1870-1938) - Inji Efflatoun (1924-1989) - Mohamed Ismail (1936–1993) - Tahia Halim - Zohra Efflatoun (1936 – 1978) - Alfons Louis Gayd - Bassem Samir - Farouk Hosny - Sabah Naim - Mohamed Monaiseer - Abdel Ghani Abo El Enin - Ahmed Chiha - Ahmed Nawar - Morris Farid
Summer Collective Exhibition 2014

01 Jul - 30 Sep 2014

The Summer Collection propagates the unique dual role that Safarkhan has been working hard at for years which is continuously awaking forgotten pioneer artist and discovering and introducing young contemporary talents. We strongly believe that the Modern Egyptian artistic scene sets the stage for the contemporary platform currently in play. We cannot look at current contemporary artists..

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