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Kamal Khalifa (1926-1968) - Ahmad Hamid - Anna Boghiguian - Ihab Shaker - Katherine Bakhoum - Effat Naghi - Mohamed Ismail (1936–1993) - Souad Mardam Bey - Alyaa Kamel - Nermine Hammam - Ahmed Zaghloul
"Summer Collective Exhibition"

28 May - 31 Jul 2012

In the realm of Modern Egyptian Art we have the pleasure to present to you valuable pieces from the lateKamal Khalifa (1926 – 1968, Egypt)  whose closest friend the late writer and philosopher Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud said about him "I have the honor to have lived the age of Kamal Khalifa". Kamal Kalifa black and white drawings demonstrate his relaxed less formal style which is not as evident as in his..

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