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Amir Abdel Ghany Art Work
Amir is working on research related to the iconic changes affecting the shape and nature of life on the planet as it is researched in races and origins material, and trends more precisely the impact of these changes on man. At the moment we find a problem to reject the human body for the animal member. 
But the changing climate of the Earth remains a factor of development Important in the presentation of iconic c angels that show the record of water on the ground in the evolution of whales. This research is not intended to validate this Shapes. It is an area of imagination to build a world on the idea of imagination. It is a conceptual research related to the origin and source of life linked with the idea of transfers, genetic transfers are a deliberate process that is not studied in Egypt. These experiences lead to a failure zone in which they are conducted experiments do not produce anything and do not produce, and do not produce reality, but it is a dark area and is a region of thinking and imagination. But are illustrative fees Based on my readings, what motivated Leonardo da Vinci in his illustrations of the proportions of the human body.

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