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Nadia Wahdan Art Work
I’m always concerned about the expression of women. Mother and girl, simple and working, her dreams and hopes of achieving herself, her association with her environment, her culture and all around her, and delving into her feelings and feelings within the framework of imagination. In my works of art, I have relied on an innovative approach that combines simplicity and complexity as one of contemporary art styles that relies more on thought than mere form. My work figures seem to represent the essence of the soul through its visual impact on the physical world. This is in the embodiment of spiritual suffering through facial expressions and body movements, to document the connection between visual arts and the thoughts and emotions associated with them. I use various materials on paper or cloth, and I practice experimentation in materials and techniques and my scientific research helped me to present a contemporary color collection in which I relied on the colors of light, which characterized my works of art, and used scratching techniques, intensifying lines, and integrating ready-made materials from filaments Lace is carefully calculated and appears as decorations emanating from the spirit of the characters of the work of art, not seen as material objects.
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