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Leila Izzet Art Work

Leila Izzet (b. 1935)

Leila Izzet has been exhibiting her paintings for over 40 years. A great lover of animals, she was first known as a painter of horses. She then moved on to expressionistic work before becoming famous as an abstract artist. Izzet had solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Switzerland and participated in Biennales in Madrid, Iraq and Croatia.

Izzet was tutored with the Armenian painter Zorian in the 50’s. The way Leila defines her abstraction is through her need to have the freedom that abstraction gives her which is not based on idea or object. Most of her ideas are explosions. In her experiments with abstraction Izzet has confined herself to a certain palette of colors mainly red, black and white. And in her big paintings she was able to explore the dynamism of those colors to the fullest.

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