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Karim Abd ELMalak Art Work

Graduate from the faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University, GraphicDesign Department.

 Illustrator for Sabah El Kheir &Rosalyoussef, Egyptian local magazines.

Practice Sculpture.

 Participant in the 1stChild’s Biennale workshop “Fantasia 1”, Cairo 2003.

 Won the silver medal in theInternational Competition of

 “SHANKERS WorldAssociation”, India 1993.


 Private Art Works Exhibitionat Cairo Gallery, 2001.

 Public Exhibition at AhmedShawky Museum, Cairo 2001.

 Public Exhibition at MahmoudSaid Museum, Alexandria 2002.

The Sixth Salon of the art work small sector.

The Exhibition of the Newspapers Paintings, “The 1st FoundationCycle”.

Black & White Exhibition, Cairo 2004.

 Private Art WorksExhibitions at Gallery Grant, Cairo 2004 to 2005.

Public Exhibition at Ebdaa Art Gallery, Cairo 2007 – 2008.

 Considered amount of ArtWork shown at Modern Art Museum managed by Ministry of

 Culture in Cairo.

Caravan Festival for arts, Cairo – London 2013

Caravan Festival for arts, Cairo – Washington 2014

The 25th Youth Salon 2014

Caravan Festival for arts, Cairo – Paris 2015

Private Art Works Exhibition “Soul”,Safarkhan art Gallery, 2016


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