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Sabah Naim Art Work
Sabah Naim

“I followed the creations of Sabah Naim since her beginnings. She continuous to surprise me with her unique and unprecedented world. With these special angles from where she translates reality and the particular visual language from where she weaves her dialogues.
In the period of “Newspapers” she transformed this mundane medium to a very rich and bestowed planes.

Naim then transports us on another unique experience when she takes her camera and walks around the streets to snap photographs from special angles capturing people’s faces, their simple expressions and their slow movements in Cairo’s streets. Those city people became the heroes of her own world making from their bodies and expressions an optical system mired in it the emotional and visual charges.
Naim did not stop at this but she continued to recreate this real world by coloring and stitching thus modifying this world to produce a special and unique relation that intertwines photographic lines with soft colors and decorative points where they slowly sneaks to the surface of the artwork.
The artist used these decorations to introduce a different voice and a secondary language. With time these decorations transformed from just orderly repetitions to a complete new language able to express in its own self.
Sabah Naim says that she wants to talk and scream without anyone hearing her. Do these ordinary flowers became words and their lines transform to simple letters in the utmost minimalism yet they say a lot.

Naim defines her language in a very limited number of letters but she creates her own complete world of stories.

The specific composition of these works makes us stand confused unsure whether they are not just repetitive decorations.

That the law governing this mass surpasses the repetitive concept and leads us to a symphonic movement in the midst of this stability.

Naim’s thoughts touches that of the Sufi’s in the repetition of prayers and chants that rises and falls, transforms and metamorphoses.
Sabah Naim uses all her intelligence in painting and color to makes us participate in repeating these chants and takes us inside this ranting world disconnected from  the current reality to another reality that we try to decipher its secrets, the secrets of Sabah Naim.”
Mohamed Abla     
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