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Ganzeer Art Work
Ganzeer has been a prominent graphic designer since 2005. The popularity of his graphic design work dragged him into the contemporary art world in 2007 with his first solo show Everyday Heroes with the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt. This prompted his inclusion in a number of exhibitions around the world, such as: Art Threesome (Rotterdam, 2008), Cairoscape (Berlin, 2008), Urban Artists (Dubai, 2008), Breaking Boredom (Cairo, 2008), Radius of Art (Kiel, 2008), Shatana International Workshop (Shatana, 2009), Why Not? (Cairo, 2009), Nord (Amsterdam, 2010), Cairo Documenta (Cairo, 2010), and Afropolis (Munich, 2010). His one-minute video "Up Yours" was nominated for a TOMMIE award in 2008 by the One Minute Foundation in Amsterdam.

Outside of the typical art sphere, Ganzeer is best known for his "artivism" throughout 2011 via the use of murals, stickers, graffiti, posters, and other actions across Cairo’s public spaces.

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