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Alyaa Kamel Art Work
Art is expression, an exclamation !
Discovering the depth of oneself, depicting it as a colourful labrynth of the soul. Art is a a medium for showing the intricacies of a persona, the momentary reality through the eyes of an artist.

Black pen and red ink express fragments. Impressions; visual and audible. Sound and shape resonate the Oriental world alive within me.

I faced change in a world that was stagnant. I saw movement, a heart beating on every street corner. The faces and shapes of Egypt are synonymous with inspiration. 

My desire is to express my feelings about a nation that has moved me, has shaken the core of my soul.  My hand moves on paper and with a few lines I bring to life the men, women and children I see in the streets of my mind, my Cairo, my Egypt! My Egypt inspires hope for the future while remembering the intensity of the past.  

I re-create the beauty of what I have seen all of these years, notably the recent strife; where the vast spectrum of human emotions were put centre-stage.  An explosion of life: resentment, tears, and laughter. 

My exhibition is an expression of hope, hope for a better life waiting for us.
Paper and ink have become my voice. The format is simple (a postcard), the lines are pure (red and black ink), the feeling is strong. The conversation is change, the message is HOPE!
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