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Bassem Samir Art Work
As an architect I find myself in direct contact with static but creative designs, however through my study and my work experience, I developed an interest for art in general. The camera was my first tool and hence photography became my passion. I typically started with traditional photography, and then developed it into a form of art. My work in my opinion is very personal. They are like a visual journal to me. I treat my work like an artist treats his canvas. Layers of brainstorm, research and conceptual approach rather than aesthetic. Lately I have been involved with everything happening around me connecting deeply with the social community and the drastic changes that been happening since the 25th of January. The Egyptian revolution started by the youth but spread through the veins of the country pumping into the liberty square uniting the entire population to regain their liberty. A historical move done by a nation that strived for years, amusing me by their persistence, and their unity. Mostly I was inspired by the visual outcome of this revolt. Turning the square from a battle into an art exhibition.

A big gallery of real art works with strong messages. The vibe and energy in tahrir square were inspiring. Spontaneous artists expressing themselves through painting and drawing or just doodling but using  art as a peaceful tool to deliver their demands, their dreams, and their human rights. Every corner had unique master pieces crafted by true Egyptian souls. The slogans chanted and written everywhere were sparks that ignited the flames of the revolution. After achieving victory, protesters made sure to bring back tahrir square as neat and shiny to be their victory icon. It was important to me to capture all this scenes to mark this as the most aspiring experience I have ever witnessed.
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