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Shaaban Zaki (1899 – 1968) Art Work
SHAABAN ZAKI: (1899-1968). Shaaban Zaki came from a lower middle class family who were mostly government employees, but he was distinguished from them by being involved in the art and culture circles. Self taught man and among the forgotten pioneers.

He was an employee in the railway station and studied art by correspondence with an art institution in Chicago. He became involved in the art scene and was able to distinguish himself during the early 20’s and 40’s among his colleagues the artist. He exhibited his work in the museum of Modern Art when Ragheb Ayad was its director.

He was a close friend to the elites of his time like Saad El Khadem, the poet Hafez Ibrahim and Abbas El Ahmad. He wrote about art and the next generation in the Apollo Magazine which was devoted to the Arabic world. In his paintings we notice the impressionistic style.

The artist takes us all around Egypt from El Arish to Fayoum, from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan. He also depicted everday life inside the Egyptian house or outside it.
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