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Saad El Khadem (1913-1987) Art Work
SAAD EL KHADEM: (1913-1987). Saad El Khadem was born on the 22nd March 1913 in Cairo. He came from an aristocratic family. After finishing his studies in Egypt he was sent on a mission to England in 1936 with Hamed Said (the very well known philosopher of art) and the painter Rateb Siddik.

With the rise of the Second World War in 1939, the three of them returned back to Egypt. Saad El Khadem then began finishing his studies and reading about anthropology, heritage and the relationship between arts and magical demonstrations through history. Through his several researches which occupied most of his life he was able to complete 35 thesis’s about art, social education, pottery, Egyptian folkloric believes, popular art and magical believes, and the history of Arab marionettes.

After he married Effat Naghi in 1954 they started a deep collaboration in the field of art when she became very much involved in the several studies he did about magic and popular art. Saad El Khadem used to design for Effat a three dimensional surface in wood and she would paint on them some of the most marvels like “Abas Ibn Fernas” and the drowning of “Nubia”.
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