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Mohamed Ismail (1936–1993) Art Work
MOHAMED ISMAIL: (1936-1993). Dr. Mohamed Ismail was born in 1936 in Zagazig in Egypt. He graduated and obtained his Masters in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo. He received his Ph.D. in the history of Fine Arts. He held numerous private and collective exhibitions from 1958 – 1969. Dr M.Ismail started his globe trotting from 1969 till 1987. Since 1969 Dr.Mohamed Ismail has not exhibited his work in Egypt.

In South Europe he lived for many years, savoring the Greek and Roman civilizations. He lived the old Andalus in modern Spain. He lived in France, Europe’s art center. He had seen many European states before he rambled on to North Africa then back to the Near East where he lived in Azmir, Turkey, for a long time. He moved to Beirut when it was still the “Bridge of the Mediterranean”. He flew to Kuwait then Iran under the bygone Shah. He left Iran to wander about the Gulf States. He bid the oil countries farewell taking wing to India, the thousand religions, and thousands tongues content of wonders. Then he broke camp to Japan, roving through South East Asia, to anchor in Tokyo for years living the ancient and modern Japan, people and history.

He has known love in the Far East. Tokyo was home. From Tokyo he would shuttle back and forth. He would travel to the Middle East but return to the Far East. Before his return to Egypt, he stopped in “God’s Paradise on Earth” in the Middle of the Indian Ocean, the Republic of Maldives. He was invited by its president, Mamoun Abdul Kayoum, to visit the most wondrous country he ever seen. There he lived amongst the Maldives bewitching islands for a long time, working and presenting two exhibitions, the first of which was acquisitioned by the Republic’s Presidency.

He wrote the first book in Arabic about the Maldives. He finally returned to Cairo end 1987. Such return was an unescaped destiny. Through his travels, he did not adopt the Academic methods of recording his experiences although, at first, he would use the impressionist style for private study not for show. After living in a given country for a while, the true passionate impact would befall him.

Rendering his works expressive of the interaction between the environment and past experiences. He has attracted by the essence of things, not their appearances
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