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El Hussein Fawzi (1905 – 1990) Art Work
EL HUSSEIN FAWZI: (1905-1999). Born in Helmia district, Cairo on 4September 1905, El Hussein Fawzi was known in Egypt and the Middle Eastfor his pioneering work in the field of journalistic graphic arts. Fawzibegan his artistic studies in 1922 at the School of Fine Arts, studyingoil painting. He won the first prize at an art competition for which hereceived an art fellowship in 1928 and entered the printing school inParis, from which he received a lithography diploma in 1932. He alsostudied lithography at the Estienne School in Paris.

He was an artist and professor of oil painting before joining the ParisHigher School of Arts and Decoration from which he received a diploma in1933. Fawzi was also awarded an honorary degree for an oil paintingexhibited at the 1939 French Salon. Although Fawzi’s fame was as agraphic artist he also had an active career in the fine arts. Upon hisreturn to Egypt, he founded the Department of Graphic Arts at Faculty ofFine Arts and later was appointed director of the department, aposition he held until his retirement. He made lots of illustrations tobooks by Naguib Mahfouz that were published in Al Ahram news paper andalso made drawings of all the big mosques of Egypt that were publishedin two big books.

El Hussein Fawzi painted one of the most renowned and beautifulpaintings in the history of Egyptian art called “El Dalalah”. He alsosupervised the Fine Arts Studio in Luxor from 1954 to 1960. Fawzi wasone of four Egyptian artists to have their work engraved on crystal bythe Steuben glass factory in New York (others were Gamal El Seguini,Hamed Abdallah and Hussein Bikar).

Fawzi was awarded the State Prize and Order of Sciences and Arts in1963, and in the same year, won the Lithography prize at the AlexandriaBiennial. In 1989 he was awarded the State Prize of Merit.

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