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Effat Naghi Art Work
EFFAT NAGHI: (1905-1994). Effat Naghi came from an aristocratic family in Alexandria. Her brother the great artist Mohamed Naghi was 20 years older than her. She was tutored at home and in her early years traveled several times to Europe with her father. Soon Mohamed Naghi realized that his sister had artistic qualifications and started giving her all painting material to express herself. From time to time he took her to trips to Upper Egypt where the treasures of the Pharaos lay. From 1947 – 1950 Mohamed Naghi became the director of the Egyptian Accademy in Rome and Effat was there with him where she studied fresque and mural paintings.

From there she started her career as a painter. She exhibited her work in Alexandria which dealt mainly with the period of fauvism like scenery from Abou Hommos Village where the Naghi family owned a plantation. She painted the daily life of the peasants, their work and their festivals. From the early sixties a complete change came into Effat’s work when she spent ten years between 1954–1964 among the old heritage books in the great library of Cairo. But what drew her attention mostly was a collection of books by a French doctor in Alexandria about rare magic studies and drawings and illustration of the science of astrology mechanism and mathematical forms from nature and geography plus an abundance of old garments and war relics, as well as pieces of terracotta from the Grech Roman, Coptic and Islamic epoch.
In 1973 she was awarded the decree of ??????  which was a great achievement by the Ministry of Culture at that time. From then the great artist pursued her life in studying and discovering on our deep heritage in the different Egyptian civilizations. Effat is distinguished to be one of the rare artists whose production and creativity was easily appreciated by world wide audience who saw in her vitality of expressing and assembling different artifacts, colors and objects a result of a life long tedious research and beliefs in the power of civilization and human achievements.

Effat Naghi was able to uncover other aspects of that magic which adds to her paintings a certain moving energy; she attracts the beholder adding a sense of beauty that is irresistible.
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