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Cherif Sobhi Art Work
Following the success of his first show in 1960, Sherif Sobhi has becomea contributor to oneman & group exhibitions in Egypt, England, France, Italy and the United State .He has long been associated with LaBarcaccia gallery in Rome, where he has been a resident since  1957,but he has also contributed to numerous independently organizedinternational exhibitions.

His paintings belong to museum and private collections in Egypt, Italy,and the United States. Cherif Sobhi is interested both in the figurativeand textural dimensions of painting. In pursuing the latter he developsa rich surface on a wooden panel, a surface whose texture is furtheraccented be the application of concentrated layers of varnish. Thisinvolved and unique technical approach aligns his work with that ofcontemporary Italian painters, but his selection of colors –vermillion,cobalt blue, azure green, and golden sepia, all of which are set againstdark grounds – reveal his affinities to the iconic heritage of Egyptianart.

A time-less presence pervades the still-life, landscapes, and figuralstudies which comprise his subjects. Their arrangement yields mythic ornarrative overtones.
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