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Mohamed Monaiseer

26 Oct - 14 Nov 2015

When nothingness is confined between two things it produces a new element reflected in the soul without a concrete material side. It is fate from an allegorical power. An assumption that has no real language interpreting its meaning, but it might be the truth behind the metaphysics and the body behind all those human senses
Barzakh has long been used in mythology and religions as what separates life before resurrection and after the death and for others it’s the grave. In the science of geography it is what separates the sweet..

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23 Apr - 21 May 2014


From suppressed silence to conscious silence... from forced silence to natural silence...

What plays a part in the psychology of one’s individuality and the ideology of the group by rubbing out one’s authenticity and patching it up with contrived modernity.

About the energy of source and nature, and the metaphysics of the work that influences me and my surroundings. About the game of chaos and obscurity that blemished originality.

A sudden eruption where one would stare..

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