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The Journey

04 Dec - 29 Dec 2012

Marwa Adel

Marwa Adel – “The Journey”

Marwa Adel is a visual artist using photography, conceptual design and calligraphy to create her artwork. Adel lives and works in Cairo teaching graphic design at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Helwan University. 

Marwa has participated in various national and international art Biennales and activities including:

- 2011..

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Vivid Memory

07 Nov - 30 Nov 2012

Wael Darwish

"Vivid Memory" uses large fields of flat solid color and mixed media to capture a fleeting moment in our pulsating memory and its influence on the soul. This visual experience attempts to explore the consequences on the memory and psyche of experiencing long periods of continuous change, inconsistencies, anticipation and suppressed actions. The absence of transparency, the inability to..

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The Virus is Spreading

01 Oct - 01 Nov 2012


The virus: a small infectious agent with replicating abilities. Since a virus typically starts out small, those uninfected by said virus tend to see it as a threat that can be contained or squandered.  The way of life before the appearance of the virus must be maintained.

The virus can be used as an analogy..

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"Summer Collective Exhibition"

28 May - 31 Jul 2012

Kamal Khalifa (1926-1968)

Ahmad Hamid

Anna Boghiguian

Ihab Shaker

Katherine Bakhoum

Effat Naghi

Mohamed Ismail (1936–1993)

Souad Mardam Bey

Alyaa Kamel

Nermine Hammam

Ahmed Zaghloul

In the realm of Modern Egyptian Art we have the pleasure to present to you valuable pieces from the lateKamal Khalifa (1926 – 1968, Egypt)  whose closest friend the late writer and philosopher Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud said about him..

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Homage to Women

23 Apr - 12 May 2012

Nazli Madkour

Homage to women

This show is an homage to Egyptian women, a tribute to..

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27 Mar - 18 Apr 2012

Nermine Hammam

Photographed in the desert around Fayoum, Anachrony (2010) is a series of mixed media images that depict anonymous human forms cocooned inside long, flowing drapes of fabric in a surrealist-inspired landscape of desert and mountains. Anachrony is a collaborative work, born out of a collective performance by artist Karima Mansour and Hammam’s teenage daughter, directed and photographed by Hammam herself. Draped in flowing fabric, the..

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La Belle Epoque

28 Feb - 23 Apr 2012

Katherine Bakhoum

The choice of ancient subject matters, the echo of orientalist pieces in the collages, likethe echo of the appeal of ancient gestures, of foreign lands, and domestic tapestries,all this weaves up out of Katherine Bakhoum’s creations. Sometimes we only have theline of a horizon on which to hang our imagination, sometimes we only have the traceof a profile in the shadows. What we always have is a persistent belief in beauty.Where there is beauty, there..

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01 Feb - 24 Feb 2012

Ahmed Kassim

Ahmed Kassim is a young contemporary artist that has shown great talent and creativity in creating a world entirely his own. Kassim adds a subtle sense of humor to his subjects mixed with his intricately woven webs of details featuring the chaotic world around. His ability lies in defying large canvases by his effective control of this large space creating a multitude of sarcastic details from an unusual perspective. Kassim’s work reveals itself..

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“On Codes, Symbols & Stockholm Syndrome”

10 Jan - 27 Jan 2012

Khaled Hafez

On Codes, Symbols and Stockholm Syndrome is a painting project inspired by the events I have lived through in the year 2011, from revolution to its kidnapping and hijacking. The project’s title evolved from my particular interest in the work of Jean Baudrillard * who, in his seminal research of cultural specificities, wrote about “simulation” and “simulacra”. We can look at those terms, simplistically, as the “fake and the authentic” in cultures...

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