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12 Dec - 05 Jan 2007

Zakaria El Zeini (1932-1993)

Zakaria El-Zeiny was raised in the suburban areas of Cairo and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. He studied painting in Venice and graduated from the Academy of Pravana. Later he became a professor at the FFA and ended his career as head of the painting department.El-Zeiny is known to be an expressionistic artist using different symbols in his work and passing by several periods. 

The first period is the "Moulid" and..

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17 Nov - 09 Dec 2006

Ihab Shaker

Abdel Hadi El Gazzar (1925 – 1965)

A juxtaposition of contradictions, illustrating the contrast between local  themes and modern approach, between childlike spontaneity and  reasoned control, between realistic vision and surrealistic whims, between authentic embodiment and convoluted simplification bordering  on the abstract, between mocking exaggeration and contemplative perception.

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30 Oct - 14 Nov 2006

Ketty Abdel-Malek

Besides her passion for the Arts Ketty Abdel Malek graduated with a Bachelor in French Literature. She started taking courses and studying Mosaics in Ravennes in 1982 and in Rome in 1984. 

She kept practicing and mastering the technique and the application of this ancient form of Byzantine art until she was ready to launch her first exhibition in 1988 in Cairo which included mosaics, paintings and sculpture. K.A. Malek..

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02 Oct - 21 Oct 2006

Rana Chalabi

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18 Apr - 20 May 2006

Anna Boghiguian

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21 Feb - 17 Mar 2006

Vassela Farid (1915 -2007)

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17 Jan - 17 Feb 2006

Katherine Bakhoum

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