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09 Dec - 24 Dec 2003

Vassela Farid (1915 -2007)

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09 Oct - 25 Oct 2003

Ketty Abdel-Malek

Besides her passion for the Arts Ketty Abdel Malek graduated with a Bachelor in French Literature. She started taking courses and studying Mosaics in Ravennes in 1982 and in Rome in 1984. She kept practicing and mastering the technique and the application of this ancient form of Byzantine art until she was ready to launch her first exhibition in 1988 in Cairo which included mosaics, paintings and sculpture. K.A. Malek exhibited also in Rome, in..

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28 May - 21 Jun 2003

Nazli Madkour

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25 Apr - 25 May 2003

Anna Boghiguian

Born in Cairo in 1946 toArmenian and Egyptian parents, Boghiguian graduated in 1969 from the American Universityin Cairo.

Although she majored in economics and political science she shifted gears andstudied art under the tutelage of the great artist Fouad Kamel. Boghigiuan wenton to obtain her BFA in visual art and music from ConcordiaUniversity in Montreal, Canada.Boghigiuan has become a renowned contemporary Egyptian..

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17 Mar - 17 Apr 2003

Katherine Bakhoum

Born in Cairo in 1949, half Egyptian and half French. She studied at l’atelier Met de Penninghen and L’Ecole Estienne in Paris. 

Bakhoum started exhibiting her work in Paris in 1984. She exhibits twice a year, once in  Paris and once at Safarkhan in Cairo. She has been exhibiting yearly at Safarkhan since 1999. Bakhoum’s Orientalist paintings stand powerfully with subtle (and sometimes definite) tones of pastel that bring to..

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17 Feb - 01 Mar 2003

Kamal Khalifa (1926-1968)

Kamal Khalifa is considered Egypt’s leading modern artist. He left the art world with separate categories of artwork: sculpture, paintings and black and white drawings. He produced his sculptures in a structured traditional way with a loose stylized form. It was important for him that his bronze or gypsum sculpture should display flow and movement. 

And it is that feeling of movement that stays with one rather than the..

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08 Jan - 08 Feb 2003

Zohra Efflatoun (1936 – 1978)

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