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04 Dec - 04 Jan 2002

Effat Naghi

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Private Collection

01 Dec - 31 Dec 2001

Hamed Nada

Abdel Hadi El Gazzar (1925 – 1965)

Effat Naghi

Nada was born in the district of the citadel which is supposed to be the oldest popular area of Cairo. In this district Nada the boy was confronted with those people believing in magic and the supernatural powers living their day dreaming of the next without moving or attempting to confront what they have. Hamed Nada’s paintings are essentially autobiographical. These images he depicted in his paintings originated in the atmosphere of the communal..

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01 Nov - 29 Nov 2001

Vassela Farid (1915 -2007)

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15 Oct - 15 Jan 2002

Abdel Hadi El Gazzar (1925 – 1965)

Born in Alexandria in 1925 Abdel Hadi El-Gazzar moves with his family to Cairo in 1940 where they settle in the district of Sayeda Zeinab. At the Helmeya secondary school El-Gazzar joins the artistic club initiated by Hussein Youssef Amin the great pedagogical figure who discovered Gazzar and Nada and followed them through all their careers. 

In 1942 El-Gazzar receives first prize in drawing competition among the secondary..

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01 Oct - 27 Oct 2001

Anna Boghiguian

“Portraits and flora are treated or worked upon in the same manner. I took the rose as a flower as it represents a symbol of love as well as beauty. 

There are myths woven on the symbolism of the rose. The Greeks the Egyptians spoke of the flower in their stories of goddesses and love.I treated the roses in a wax acoustic technique giving to the flower a 3 dimensional form as well as esoteric. 
13 Mar - 10 Apr 2001

Mamdouh Ammar

Mamdouh Ammar graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1952. He started teaching at the same faculty since 1959 and up until now. 

Mamdouh Ammar was chosen to go to Paris and Rome for a special mission to study painting and mural art. Mamdouh Ammar is one of the greatest contemporary Egyptian artists who were mainly attached with nature as a form of his creation. And in dealing with nature he doesn’t merely register it but..

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01 Feb - 03 Mar 2001

Katherine Bakhoum

Born in Cairo in 1949, half Egyptian and half French. She studied at l’atelier Met de Penninghen and  l’ecole Estienne in Paris.

 K .Bakhoum started exhibiting her work in Paris since 1984. She exhibits twice a year once in  Paris and once at Safarkhan in Cairo. She has been exhibiting yearly at Safarkhan since 1999. K.Bakhoum’s Orientalist paintings stands so powerfully with subtle (and sometimes definite) tones of pastel..

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16 Jan - 31 Jan 2001

Salah Abdel Kerim (1925-1987)

Born in Fayoum to a big family of 5 brothers and sisters. In 1938 he meets the famous painter Hussein Bikar and he becomes his student in the Faculty of Arts in Qena. He remained much attached to his professor all through his life. 

In 1940 he meets Hussein Youssef Amin and the Group of Contemporary Egyptian Art at the secondary school of Farouk First in Abasseya district in Cairo. He was then introduced to surrealism for..

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