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Safarkhan is pleased to announce beginning October 1st until October 22nd, the exhibition for a talented trio of emergent young female artists. "Metamorphosis" is the natural process of transformation from a raw state to a mature form, the change of the state of something into a completely different one. It is this distinct conversion that lends this exhibition its unifying theme and purpose,as these three young ladies express themselves and their identities in their own special way, yet all of them share the same quality that they are advancing, excelling and maturing in their creative aspirations.

Yasmine Reda in her debut showing with Safarkhan gives us a refreshing type of a playful introspection,revealing certain aspects yet concealing others. Her works are inspired by palpable memories of her childhood, and dream scapes in which humans are obviously present yet are not necessarily occupying the central role, instead they are one with their backdrop, an organic extension of them. Most of her paintings are replete with imagery of ladders, stairs, birds and wings,signifying upward mobility and her boundless aspirations of growth and maturity from her childhood until now. With intensely composed detailed and textured geometric backdrops, there is a sense that it is the stories contained inside,rather than outside, these alluring physical and imaginary structures that are much more complex, which she so lovingly communicates with us.

Kinda Adly in her second showing with us demonstrates a progression into more natural elements of her densely illustrated canvases. With noticeable hints of newfound green tones, plant life such as trees and flowers complement the human figures and body parts interspersed among her complex backdrops of urban metropolises,imbuing them with a deeper connection to nature. The highly animated and dynamic nature of her paintings makes them both appealing yet layered, in the sense that they contain within them certain messages that each viewer is made to look for to digest within these congested spaces, as though they were reading an ambiguous map or uncovering a mysterious script.

Rasha Amin also in her Safarkhan debut offers a style of painting that tastefully marries mythological motifs with deconstructed Arabic script and backgrounds. Using color schemes that are both adventurous bold and complementary, and a certain naive pop-art boldness, she brings to life these mystical creatures; mermaids, nymphs, winged-bulls, griffins, lions and medusas. The accompanying calligraphic elements to most of her canvases lend them an almost educational or historical quality that abounds with the spiritual wisdom of old, from the ancient cultures of the Near East and Mediterranean with today’s interpretation. Her paintings are imaginative re-constructions of historical symbols and signifiers, and her use of recomposed abstract calligraphy is more than a simple backdrop, as she fuses them to the mythical figures seamlessly and thoughtfully.

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