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Safarkhan is pleased to present the trio exhibition, ‘Charisma,’ featuring resident artist Kinda Adly alongside debutantes Tasneem El Meshad and Khaled Abdo, from September 28th to October 20th. ‘Charisma’ explores the innately original personal perspective that emanates from each of these artist’s works. Although each one stands alone in the form, subject and concept of their art, they are unified in their optimism, dynamism, and ultimately their carefree confidence and youthful exuberance to provide a candid window into their expressive souls.
Kinda Adly is a self-taught artist who left a career in marketing to pursue her passion for art. Her paintings are inspired by pop art symbolism and the Japanese super flat concept, a postmodernist movement based on manga and anime. Her love for texture is clear in her painstaking layering technique that combines different patterns with contrasting colors using multiple mediums. Kinda’s incredibly detailed and intricately worked canvases this time demonstrate a progression from the exclusively pop art style that gained her recognition. There is a notable development in the use of shapes and figures. After studying with esteemed talent Mohamed Abla, the condensation of her composition is not as dense, offering her canvases the added element of more space, which provides a liberating and grounding sensation. Kinda’s latest works demonstrate a welcome sensation of less rigidity, and the inclusion of even more plant and animal imagery offers these pieces a more grounded, holistic and organic appeal.
Khaled Abdo graduated from Alexandria’s Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in sculpture, however, his artistic career since has focused on abstract painting. In his art, Abdo attempts to express his lived experience by accessing his most engrained childhood memories, with one of the main sources of inspiration being his hometown of Alexandria, whose contradictory nature he describes as “peaceful, intimidating and enigmatic.” In this collection, we see him employ cryptic text to differentiate between and emphasize the segmented spaces in his composition. In doing so, he augments a perspective of depth by using lines and colors superimposed on top of one another, partitioning the canvas in ways that captivate attention without appearing overcrowded or haphazard. He creates his own realms within the borders of his paintings, which he contends are an interpretation or reflection of living by the sea. His canvases resemble futuristic topographic portrayals of far-flung islands, mysterious underwater creatures, and submerged ancient ruins, as though they were intentionally scrambled maps to lost treasure, whether material or the more valuable intangible treasure of inner peace and spiritual bliss.
Academy of Fine Arts Cairo graduate Tasneem El Meshad describes her art, as “a reflection of the chaotic world, and the dilemma of modern life, which revolves around juggling responsibility while trying to connect with the inner beauty of the universe.” Drawn to warm, strong, clear and compatible colors, reflecting her spontaneous character, Tasneem’s composition and the balance she creates amongst her works is exceptional. Her compositional style is a trademark refreshed interpretation of minimalist cubism, using this she partitions the canvas in a highly detailed and sensitive fashion that is as compatible as it is experimental and daring, attributing her works an almost 3D-level of depth. What sets her style apart is an innovative ability to communicate raw emotion using typical and otherwise mundane angular shapes, which she manipulates in ways reminiscent of some of the greats of the early 20th-century avant-garde art movement that revolutionized European painting and sculpture. 
We hope you enjoy this exposition of three of Egypt’s shining talents of contemporary art as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

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