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Leila Izzet 


Safarkhan has the renewed pleasure to once again feature longtime internationally admired artist Leila Izzet for her latest exhibition with us, this Thursday 26th October to Friday 24th November. Izzet’s art career spans four decades of expressionistic, abstract and animal-themed paintings and her recognition has seen her works on display in art hubs including New York, Paris, Geneva and Madrid. 

With multitudes of international exhibitions garnering her widespread exposure beyond the confines of her native Egypt, Izzet’s moving and emotive artwork has been sought after for its freethinking, unregulated and unconventional conceptions, these artistic ideas are expressed through a primary tricolor palette of red, black and white paint, thoroughly impressionistic and evocative in its unsystematic, abstract applications on the canvas.

Izzet’s uniquely impressionistic choice of paint application utilizes broad brush strokes, unconfined by conventional dimensions or properties of realism, which she accompanies with uneven, asymmetric splattering, blotches and hastily applied streaks of color that are the core identifying characteristic of her portfolio across all her exhibitions. The choice of her thematic colors of red, black and white paint offer a powerful contrasting appearance to her works, giving them a harsh, unavoidable presence with fiery tones of orange, crimson and dark peach accentuating stark pitch-black backgrounds. 

Her palpably chaotic and unorthodox painting style imparts on the viewer a sentiment of disorderly excitement and mysterious confusion. In this latest collection we see Izzet’s typical stylistic form manifest in depictions of human figures, anonymous and featureless in their shapely non-geometric composition, her trademark horse imagery with their perpetual movement and boundless energetic flair and her traditional purely abstract meshing of unusual shapes and lines to form obscure yet curious scenes and arrangements of thoughtful impressionism.          

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