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Safarkhanwishes all art lovers a very happy new year, and announces with great pleasurethe return of one of Egypt’s most celebrated contemporary talents, Ahmed Farid,from January 4th to January 25th 2021. Farid’s fourthexhibition with us titled ‘Seasons’ fittingly heralds the New Year,highlighting new beginnings synonymous with his shift in style. Now anestablished regular feature with us, he again brings his characteristic dualityof East and West to bear on his most recent works, which are a naturallyunmistakable progression of his previous efforts, but with something entirelynew and refreshing this time. Although he has remained true to the originalstyle that he built his widespread recognition on, his recent canvases arecelebratory and meditative explorations of the qualities of the seasons of theyear, which he has drawn on as his main source of inspiration for this latest creativeoutput.

Accordingto Sherwet Shafei, "this collection has a more holistic and overarchinginternational focus than any of his previous efforts. This newfound themeexplores the relationship between the human and the outside world. There is thesensation of a mysterious property suspended beauty between what appears to bethe sky and the Nile. Farid cleverly fuses these two, couching in between thema vast new world of color and charisma and charm that we are left to interpretindividually". The bright and contrasting yet mellowingpalette of autumn and spring is so pleasing to many of us, conjuring up notionsof renewal, regeneration, revitalization and a state of positive changeinvolving shedding one’s old memories, characteristics and past experiences toexchange for a fresh start, or quite literally, a new season. Farid has thus conceivedmost of the paintings in this collection in harmonizing and calming tones of pasteland vibrant oranges, yellow ochre, and varying tones of familiar browns andgreens. He has emphasized these earthen hues, which add a potent quality ofnatural and organic bliss to his works, above other colors that he still employslike his dynamic blues, fiery state reds, jet-blacks and glistening gold, eachalluding to the summer and winter seasons too. The mélange of tones he createsusing his chosen palette is constantly developing to more impressive heights,and in this exhibition we see a progression into a style of painting thatcaptures the inimitable spirit of nature soul renewal, rather than that of themega-organism of urban metropolises.

Farid’stechnique has undoubtedly become more layered, which has attributed his works asmoother quality, with more depth and the welcome inclusion of more minisculedetailing inviting the viewer to a warmer and more open communication. Whilethe prominence of sheer black lines arranged in haphazard web-like mazesdominated much of the style he built his name on, Farid demonstrates a retreatinto the warm embrace of a palette more subdued and primordial, offering theemotive sensations of comfort, familiarity and serenity to his paintings,standing in many cases in stark contrast to his older pieces. The inclusion ofmore seamless meshing and naturally blended colors, makes this exhibitionappear like and exude, the unique yearly promise that each season brings withit. From its foggy mists that shroud mystery and compel intrigue, to the calm changingtones of the trees and leaves, this exhibition from Ahmed Farid signifiesgrowth, beauty and renewal.

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