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Safarkhan proudly presents contemporary talent Ahmed Farid’s thirdyear on consecutive exhibition scheduled to take place this coming November27th to December 18th.  Professionally,Farid is himself a bi-product of the duality of post-1960s American popcultural mythology meshed with his traditional roots in the Egyptiansocio-political collective experience. In this latest showing Farid treats usto a natural progression following from his previous exhibition last year,remaining true to self in terms of his composition and palette but this timewith an altogether more striking, complex and experimental feel, and a welcomeforay into more expansive canvases. In this latest collection Farid is as boldconceptually as his palette and brushstrokes, depicting obscure cityscapes andthe overwhelming clamor and chaos of urban metropolis life in a characteristicsymphony of explosive, contrasting and ethereal color schemes.


Farid has accomplished in this exhibition, aside from utilizing amore diverse and carefully chosen palette of dynamic and starkly contrastinghues, a noticeable enhanced complexity in terms of the mixed media elements heapplies to his canvases. This feature has resulted in a more layered and deepersubstantive feeling in comparison to previous iterations. Slim images ofdistant shapes and structures, that barely emerge from the chromatic texture,get lost in the color waves, sometimes light, sometimes stronger, andconstitute a real stylistic feature of the continuous updating of techniquesand expressive forms carried out in recent years by the artist. Farid’sbackgrounds of color always proceed towards a never ordinary emotionality, inline with his artistic path and cultural experiences.



This latest collection from Farid is the perfect blend thatadmirers of his art want to see. Remaining true to his original andcharacteristic style but this time offering a more diverse and experimentalapplication of color and canvas treatment, results in an overall impressionableemotive power. Farid once again exhibits his expert manipulation of oil paint -his preferred medium - and now on larger canvases we are treated to even moredetail and emotive power, as we are exposed in more detail to the intricacy andsynergy of his choice of color, contour and contrast. The introduction of sucha clash of disparate colors and contours offers his canvases a moreconfrontational mood, encouraging viewers to ponder more on their significanceand message. This is a special type of controlled chaos by which he manages toparadoxically create aesthetic attraction and beauty out of abject disorder andcommotion.

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