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Ahmed Farid

“Melodies of Conflict” 

Following his last year’s exhibition and Safarkhan debut, the talented artist Ahmed Farid will have his second consignment of paintings on display from November 29th to December 29th, promising to be a memorable exhibition worthy of capping off an exciting and exceptional year of art at Safarkhan. Farid is himself a bi-product in his professional capacity of the dual perspective of post-1960s American pop cultural mythology meshed with his experiences and traditional roots in the Egyptian political, social and economical collective experience. He brings this important duality to bear on his latest creations, which are a naturally unmistakable progression and extension of his previous exhibition, with his characteristic artistic style remaining true to self, although this time his manifestations occur in a gloriously harmonious and vividly colorful and imaginative palette, in stark contrast to his prior exhibition.

Farid’s unflinching desire to portray the clamor and chaos of urban life in his characteristically illusory and dreamlike mélange of an explosive and dynamically bright color schemes is again the unifying thread amongst the pieces in this collection. We are treated to vistas of crowded panoramas expressing the complex and dynamic relationship between living shapes of humans and inanimate ones of looming architectural structures, social class categorization and underlying themes of inequality and iniquity. In this dizzying symphony of color which Farid lays out as a feast for our eyes, and captures an even more vibrant and fantasy-like scenery with his widely experimental and abstract use of color and unconventional shapes and lines. 

Farid again is attempting to reconcile these two aspects, which he portrays skillfully as at times competing for space, and at others in a more harmonious expression of unity and togetherness as part of the same formidable mega-organism that is the modern city. Farid is more adventurous in this showing, as he makes use of color combinations that are as bold and electrifying as they are evocative on an emotional and artistic level. Farid has also transferred his trademark unquantifiable and raw artistic style this time to various sculptures. These curious sculptures are curious and intriguing shapely formations that are expressive in the same vein as his frenzied and disorderly paintings with their flurry of lines and color, which he finishes in a striking bronze coating. 

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