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Ibrahim Khatab passion with street bill boards and the calligraphy engraved on tree trunks and written on walls led him to experiment with those two common visual elements that we see in our daily life. He demonstrates to us in his first show how he mastered the effects of mixed media with cutout street bill boards and the deconstruction of our Arabic letters sometimes as interloping engravings and others as bundles of black forceful curves resulting in a unique esthetically intriguing pieces of art.
Arabic Calligraphy has always been an intriguing medium explored and promoted and by many professors, artists and institution around the globe, and Khatab has successfully managed to offer us a new interpretation of this unique form of our heritage art.  

In the artist’s own words:
 “These rocks and trees carries the feelings of what lovers engrave on their surfaces. They witness the accumulating and overlapping effects of their intimate memories, and their merging with time. These alive carvings manifest itself to the passers, to merge with their own memories in a way that gives the chance to those, who are looking to start too their secrets in codes; codes that can be solved only by their owners, when they return back to reassure its permanence, and then they find these walls full of other secrets, forgotten by their earlier owners over time. The owners; whether those who continued to harbor those feelings, or separated. After all these rocks and trees still witness their memories that get harder sturdier, and get old as their owners do with time.”
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