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Safarkhan is pleasedto announce the upcoming exhibition for established contemporary talent, KarimAbdel Malak, from March 22nd to April 12th. The works inthis collection contend the most elusive pursuit in our lives is our strivingto diminish and limit the pervasiveness of our egos and our oftentimes selfishsense of self and mind, and ascend to a higher plain of illumination andconnection to God. Abdel Malak explores the notion of the metaphorical contractthat every soul has in this life, and the concept of their predestination, thateverything that has happened or will be was preordained by a higher power. Hecontends that only in our ascension or obtainment of this higher knowledge dowe taste the true beauty of life, and our desire for the material and temporalbecomes lessened while our connection with the divine is strengthened. Openingour third eye is the only key to a purer and more meaningful world, free ofmaterial burdens, illuminating the spiritual realm, as we cross the bridge overfrom life’s misery, struggles and superficiality to one of tranquility, bliss,purpose and enlightenment.

In thisexhibition, Abdel Malak delves into the complex relationship of our true being:the ego, the body and the soul. In his own words, the essence of thiscollection is a rumination on the “continued oscillation between the body withits desires and the spirit with its purity,” posing the poetic question; “hownarrow the walls of the body, yet how wide the cities of the soul?” He conveysthis through a gently reimagined palette of blues representing communicationand clarity, oranges representing emotion and greens alluding to the naturalworld and our inherent connection to it. Abdel Malak demonstrates a mastery of meshingthese colors, adding more water elements symbolizing purity and cleansing. Hisuse of animals has developed, using for example motifs of our native Egyptianbird, the Hoopoe, long revered for its medicinal properties, symbolizinghealing and regeneration, as well as butterflies denoting metamorphosis,change, adaptation and maturity into something more beautiful.

Abdel Malak’swire sculptures again feature, and have also developed similarly, insteadbecoming more subdued, serene and organic in their colors and construction. Hisportrayal of female figures in his art has evolved significantly in terms of theirinnate realism. They appear more mature, as the artist and subsequently we aremade to focus less on their outer appearance and more on their inner light, throughwhich they derive their strength and poise. He evokes this through establishinga quality of transparency in their appearance, as though they can be seenthrough, mirroring their ability or struggle to be able to see through the veilof life with their third eye. This inner light or third eye, rather than ourphysical vision or senses, is a vision of sentiments and spirituality thatallows us to see what is concealed to the uninitiated due to our fears,inhibitions, preconceived notions and societal constraints. The enlightenmentthat we attain from realizing our third eye allows us to truly appreciate the limitlessbeauty of life like nothing else.

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