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Safarkhan is pleased to bring to art lovers the latestcreations by the talented young Egyptian artist, Karim Abdel Malak, titled“Embrace” (“Sakan”) which will beexhibited at Safarkhan this Thursday the 11th of April at 06:00pmuntil 3rd of May. Abdel Malak’s third exhibition with us is animmersive and seductive expose using his preferred medium of mixed media andaccompanied by some beautiful evolving sculpture work.


Abdel Malak is an exciting homegrown talent whose artworkhas been toured and celebrated both in his native Egypt and abroad in globalart hubs like London, Washington and Paris, with some of his creations makingtheir way to the Modern Art Museum after being selected by the Ministry ofCulture. 


The artist explores prominent themes of spirituality,belief, compassion and affection in serene renditions of feminine form andfunction, presenting them as the guardians of goodwill and maternal giving andfor the first time the artist explores the relationship with the male figureusing nature in its pure form as his prominent base. Abdel Malak uses amonotone palette steeped in wooden and earthen tones, through which heinterweaves imagery of natural scenery such as trees with their branches, birdsand dwellings which he meshes together with human figures, both male andfemale, combining man and nature in harmonizing synergy.


Also new from this exciting new talent are minimalist wiresculptures. Abdel Malak further emphasizes this seamless continuity between manand nature through such sculptures, by representing human form as evolvingnaturally from branches and tree limbs in graceful symbiotic simplicity.


We look forward to receiving you to view this collectionwhich demonstrates a clear advancement for this very talented artist.



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