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Safarkhan is proud to present you with the valuable works of renowned Alexandrian International artist Dr. Abdel Salam Eid. In his long journey in the realm of art Dr.Eid was able to introduce unique works using various materials to accentuate his art and inspired by his childhood and his daily surroundings. Dr. Eid presents us with artworks made from multiple mediums from oil work to water colors to 3-D dimensional work using various materials like ropes, lace, stones, fabric, mosaic, wood and other materials transforming it to marvelous works of art.

Dr. Naeem Ateia writes:

“Abdel Salam Eid is an artist who possesses a contemporary vision, and we can easily say that it’s a futuristic one. He sees, like our mythological maiden “Zarkaa Al-yamamma” far beyond what his surrounding entourage can detect or see. This because his means for visibility are not sight, but insight. Eid’s experimentalism is abstract to the core, extends to the form just as to the essence. In addition, it spreads to the applied tools and materials for expression, where they reflect his appreciation mode for artistic bearing, and how he perceives the whole existence,and thus driving him out of a confined realm, towards a world, which is replanting with interactive technological and scientific influences. That is why; his artworks are always appearing in a very strange aspect that comprises all mechanical, electrical, architectural, and chemical achievements. Eid exploits his expertise in painting, sculpture, graphic design, and collage to realize his art forms. Coexisting with time, he exploits, all sort of his materials, even workshop waste and scraps,in a continuous search for the aesthetical aspect behind traditional and stylized concepts.”
Carlo Bani writes:
“To be sure, the interior vision of the artist Eid possesses some traces of that far oriental spirit. For that reason, he is taking us to the non-personal absolute, to the one and only, which is everything. The vigorous desire of Eid to destroy that dry geometric forms is evident in his attempts to let them take a cosmic homogeneity with his thoughts and emotions. where the formal content seems as it’s a two dimensional structure, that cancel the limits of time, carrying it to ethereal dimensions.”
We look forward to receiving you soon and we wish you a great end of year celebrations and the best for the coming 2016 year.
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