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Dr. Abdel Salam Eid writes:

“And yet ... Here I am at the exhibition hall. I carry the days and I bring the years ... And here are the words being printed from behind the nostalgia and echoes of meanings and time.... Here my dear visitors and the result in this compassionate gallery rests the works ... Rests the ideas, the materials and the colors and  the outcome talks of design and on the journey and style... In silence... that allows only looking and engaging in the folds of the woven fabric that speaks with it the language of form... Here the language speaks of passion and of adventure and of emancipation and of hope ... And on what’s behind my artistic journey that I experienced.
I don’t know when did this equation hit me; where around it is shaped the building and the unity of artwork... It’s a relationship equation between the material, the idea, the design and the result. Those interacting units are the subject of my work.
I observed it a lot throughout my artistic career and I found out from the very beginning I was fond of various materials where I manipulate and tame them till it leads me to where I want and to that moment that culminates the artwork which was initiated by me and does not allow any other addition ... This is the equation that controlled my artistic style since long... and I don’t know when it started.”
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