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From suppressed silence to conscious silence... from forced silence to natural silence...

What plays a part in the psychology of one’s individuality and the ideology of the group by rubbing out one’s authenticity and patching it up with contrived modernity.

About the energy of source and nature, and the metaphysics of the work that influences me and my surroundings. About the game of chaos and obscurity that blemished originality.

A sudden eruption where one would stare at its pain but not hear it.

The Silence

I travel over wide spaces of consciousness and subconsciousness conversing with the human soul, leading the observer into a state of anxiety and confusion where they could judge one’s authenticity, and whether their beliefs are stemming from one’s truth or from realities that have taken this truth, molded and processed it through many levels of new beliefs that distract one’s original thought.

I use a language, secondary to metaphysics, that speaks to the subconscious, awakening it in a way where it blends with one’s awareness, so that one’s actions and reactions would not only be based on their guarded consciousness but on their raw inner purity. So what I’ve created is calligraphy that cannot be decoded, leading to a paradox, for what you see are words, but words that cannot be read or decrypted. Therefore, they can only be taken in through one’s soul rather than one’s mental concept in order to experience the essence of this project.

These works give the impression of a long period of time, whether this is reflected by the amount of time spent in writing this weighty amount of words, or by the worn out yellowed fabric that denotes old age.

The whole idea of this project is that the truth only lives in one’s inner self and beliefs, that in the end what you’ve grasped from this work and believed about it, whether it’s related to how much time spent in its making or the meaning behind these words, can be different from what the person standing next to you believes, and even the reality.
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