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Safarkhan is happy to introduce to you the very special and talented Sabah Naim in her second exhibition "Gazing at the Sky". Naim presents us this year with yet another creative concept of her art that relies on a visual and sensual enrichment. A magnificent slice of nature where leaves, petals, tree trunks and flowers enter twine in a harmonious composition reminiscent of ancients Persian miniatures that have been lovingly crafted with crative hands and have survived across the years. Moreover Naim adds photography to her art reinventing and mixing unusual pallets and forms from natures to highlight the power of the Creator where peace love and light subsides eternally.

“In a simple language and stenographic characters, "Sabah Naim" creates a charming and ambiguous world. The artist commences its world with primitively composed flowers in the simplest fashion an artist can ever draw in a consecutive motion and sequential rhythm making such simple flowers as if its a heart’s or life beat and resembling sighs or glorifications. Such simple flowers are how Sabah writes her mystic scripts about common merits between creatures despite severe disparity and difference of trees, palm trees, sky, and stars. Sabah narrates how she spent a night in the ancient hotel in Luxor between the high trees boughs and palms trunks that try to curtain the sky on which stars were dancing in a fascinating glimmering yet dimming rhythm while breeze moves everything around and mingles lines, colors, and sizes to start a new motion cycle. How can an artist express such interrelations and unity between all creatures and the common an artwork space tableau interpret all coherent universal geometric laws? How can lines and colors express the sternness and gentleness of the nature at the same time? The aching cactus thorns penetrate the surrounding red vacuum. This is what Sabah Naim could do through the simplest and most modern executions and with a very special determined serious language across the artistic years…” Mohamedd Abla
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