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Emaar in collaboration with Safarkhan Art Gallery


Art Town

It is withgreat pleasure that Safarkhan Art Gallery brings to you in collaboration withEmaar real estate development giant, Art Town, in celebration of the opening ofUptown Cairo, the first and only gated community within the city on January 17thand 18th 2020. In joining together with Emaar for this one-of-a-kindexposé, Safarkhan has been tasked by established patrons of the arts Emaar withproviding a comprehensive curating of the wide array of contemporary Egyptianart sourced from the most diverse and remote corners of our beloved nation.


Art Town willfeature a collection of some of the most renowned names in Egyptiancontemporary art as well as a handpicked crop of some of the most promisingrising names of up-and-coming talents. Entries from esteemed internationallyacclaimed artists include; Farouk Hosny, Mohamed Abla, Mostafa Razzaz, NazliMadkour and Ahmed Farid, supplemented by works from selected young and newlydiscovered talents including; Ahmed Saber, Karim Abdel Malak, MohammedMonaiseer, Sabah Naim, Ibrahim Khattab and many more.


Art Townseeks to capture the essence of Egyptian art’s timeless appeal, from ancientbeginnings to the flourishing of talent and inspiration that we witness in thehere and now. Drawing from the richness of Egypt’s diverse social fabric, anabundance of mediums and compositions animates the artistic creations of thisgroup of over a hundred unique art creations, from paintings in oil andwatercolor, to mixed media, photography, virtual reality, installation, sculpturesand beyond.


Art Town isthe celebration of our collective heritage as historic purveyors of the arts,and the continuity in aspiring to these creative impulses in the modern world.Art Town promises to be an illuminating and captivating cross-section ofEgyptian society, culture and history told through the most honest andthought-provoking means of artistic expression.

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