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Safarkhan is pleased to announce the return of the talented Hend ElFalafly in "Glow"from October 27thtill November 17th. Hend has gained exposure internationally inplaces like Russia, Austria and the U.A.E. as a result of her stylistically mysteriousand evocative impressions of feminine figure. As an artist whose work hasalways been a celebration of the female essence and form, this exhibition seesHend take a deeper and more soul-searching look into her women. Her artisticpreoccupation has been devoted to the limitless experiences and emotions thatcan only be expressed in the human visage.

All of the works in this collection depict the symbiotic exchange ofenergy between the female and the butterfly. Butterflies catch on the enticingscent of spiritual essence of all of nature’s creations from flowers to humans andtravel from faraway places, resting delicately on different parts of thewomen’s bodies, to gather and inhale their beautiful scent. As the female partof any plant, Hend expresses these women as flowers themselves; ones that thesebutterflies seek out and in turn the women reflect the golden light of thebutterflies. Their glowing color seemingly captures the spiritual integrity of thesewomen; the light of God, purity, peace and their innate connection with MotherNature expressed in the synergetic relationship between these women and theirbutterflies. We feel there is a continuous flow of energy exchange throughoutthis exhibition.

Hend employs a newly experimented palette in serene monotone earthentones, a departure from her previous bold blacks, yellows and reds. Shedemonstrates an excelled development in her play of light and shadow on thefaces of these women, and the gazes of her subject’s mirrors this newfoundearthen palette, as they are at once softer yet deeper. There is a moreintimate revealing of and connection to, these women’s expressions and emotionwhich she achieves through a refined and textured anatomical precision andrealism using hundreds of pencils lines as her base, along with the applicationof golden butterflies which she adorns her characters with as though they werea natural part of their being. Above all, it is this intangible exchange of mystical,temporal and kinetic energy between the kindred spirits of women andbutterflies that creates an enlightening glow, both physically and spiritually.

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