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Realism is what worries me , and that I wanted to express them in a community-based Middle Eastern , At first, I was able to express a collective or individual cases of the Egyptian society to which I belong, Which includes drawing and paintings people and landscapes that inspired the human spirit, And evidence of its presence in the place.

The pencils used this simple material, Which is also a part of my society that simply express it, In the realization of the emotional state and expressive and emotional in this quantum of enormous density of pencil lines, On the other hand reflect this huge intensity of social relations in our society, particularly the east and Egypt.

The evolution of my work in the configuration of the overall composition, which depends on a range of vocabulary, to the formation of less simple and more influential, And study of individual cases of people living in the community and their personal relationships and social, And its effects on the situation confirmed to the emotional color, composition, lines and trends pencils.

I have formed my style of body language in the technical focal point between what I want to say, and what I can offer to the recipient through the movements and expressions of people in my artworks.

And has become the symbolic color in my art has always stressed on the position of expressionism and the emotional state of people and which significantly affects the emotional state of the viewer.

My artistic style Mixed with realism which have a symbolic and expressive at the same time.

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