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It is with great pride thatSafarkhan brings to you the esteemed contemporary genius Ashraf Zamzami for hisfourth exhibition with us. This highly acclaimed artist is back at Safarkhanfor the second part of his massively successful “Solitude” exhibition lastseason, which was his first appearance after lengthy hiatus. Following from thefirst part of this exhibition shown last year, Zamzami demonstrates a moreadvanced and nuanced use of color pigmentation, one that is even more intense,cheerful, bright and optimistic. He also explores newer themes of abstractexperimentation, specifically with his interpretation of the human form, aswell as an exploration of the complex relationship between man and animal whichhe portrays through his depictions of both docile and threatening imaginarycreatures.  As a natural extension of theworks exhibited a year prior, with some new and subtle variations, thiscollection is another exceptionally self-assured feat of bold experimentationgrounded in both the appreciation and resentment of seclusion, loneliness andisolation.

Founder Sherwet Shafei unearthed hisraw talent and exhibited his debut as an artist almost 20 years prior. Eversince, she has been amongst his closest and most influential supporters andmentors. Zamzami was a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Minya, havinggarnered acclaim in his native Egypt and abroad for his art’s refreshing purityand strikingly innocent yet substantive nature. Zamzami has since producedarguably some of the best work of his career, in a class of its own amongstcontemporary Egyptian art, constituting a powerful creative reawakening.

Zamzami’s most recent works areimbued with a supremely cultured aesthetic quality reminiscent of the greatmasters of the expressionist school and can be classified as art brut or‘outsider art.’ The artist’s truly original style of expressionism is whatmakes his work special, and it is foremost the product of the deepestintrospection and introversion that can only be attained in the true solitudeof one’s mind and body. This exhibition promises to be another celebration ofbeing unique, and the often-concealed beauty and promise in being the outsideror the outcast.

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