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"Metamorphosis", is by an already highly established artist named Gamal Meleka, an Egyptian born citizen who has spent the majority of his exciting career in Milano, Italy. Gamal’s unique experimentation with material and color has gained widespread acclaim in Italy where he is now one of the most established contemporary artists on the scene. Gamal’s creative process was born after years of research, with ‘immediacy, perception and gestures’ Gamal brings his original style to the canvas, creating impressionistic paintings with dynamic colors, and depicting traditional Egyptian landmarks with a distinctly Italian infusion, which he says is ‘a crossing of phenomena connecting Italian and Egyptian culture’. Gamal has become one of the first artists to use various mixtures of resins covered with gold leaf, a noticeable motif in most of his works, in what he calls a ‘complete and free artistic interpretation that is not just decorative’ this particular aspect of his work has since been adopted by various other artists. A testament to Gamal’s talent is his 2010 exhibition alongside 40 sculptures of the renowned French artists Auguste Rodin at the Hay Hill gallery in London, the first Egyptian artist to exhibit with him.

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