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In this exhibition we witness how two Egyptian artists living in Europe express in there own way the current events in Egypt. Alyaa Kamel a young Egyptian artist living and exhibiting in Switzerland and Gamal Meleka an established Egyptian painter, sculptor living in Milan have reacted to the events of revolution happening in their country in a unique but complementary fashion. This interplay of the powerful events happening in Egypt, the unbelievable changes that occurred due the persistence of the Egyptian youth to change and obtain freedom has emerged in a free expression by Alyaa Kamel using quick drawings in black and red ink to personify hope and in her words she notes "I re-create the beauty of what I have seen all of these years, notably the recent strife; where the vast spectrum of human emotions were put centre-stage. An explosion of life: resentment, tears, and laughter.
My exhibition is an expression of hope, hope for a better life waiting for us".
Gamal Meleka a renowned Egyptian painter and sculptor living in Milan, Italy since the age of 19 have translated Egyptian youth into sculptures the medium of stripes of iron wires interwoven in a free expression denoting the force and movement of the body in a spectacular manner that shows the ability of the artist in using a simple medium to express a noble cause. A part from his numerous awards in Italy and his participate in international shows. Gamal Meleka is the first living Egyptian artist to expose his renowned French sculptor August Rodin in Hay Hell Gallery in London in 2010

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