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Born in Fayoum to a big family of 5 brothers and sisters. In 1938 he meets the famous painter Hussein Bikar and he becomes his student in the Faculty of Arts in Qena. He remained much attached to his professor all through his life. 

In 1940 he meets Hussein Youssef Amin and the Group of Contemporary Egyptian Art at the secondary school of Farouk First in Abasseya district in Cairo. He was then introduced to surrealism for the first time. In 1943 he becomes a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts and graduates with excellence and honors in 1947. 

In 1948 he becomes an assistant to the interior decoration section at the Faculty of Fine Art. He is then sent to a mission in Paris in 1952 and he becomes a student to Paul Colin and A.Marie Cassandre for publicity and theatre design. He then moves to Rome in 1956 to study design for cinema. In 1957 he received the international prize in painting from San Vito Romano, Italy and obtains his PHD from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.Back to Egypt in 1958 he is appointed professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts where he started experimenting with his masterpieces sculptures in wrought iron. In 1959 he receives the first prize for sculpture at the Biennale of Alexandria. At the same year he receives from the Biennale of Saint Paolo, Brazil an honorary merit for his sculpture ‘The Fish’. In 1960 he receives the award of the Guggenheim National section for his painting ‘Fighting Roosters’. In 1961, Rene Huyghe included his sculpture ‘Cry of the Beast’ in his book ‘Art and Man’ together with the great P.Picasso and Muller under the title of ‘The energy of Form’. 

In 1963, he receives for the same sculpture an honorary merit from the 7th Biennale of San Paolo.
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