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Safarkhan proudly announces the opening of our annual summercollection from May 25 to September 10, which will feature a vibrant spectrumof curated modern and contemporary works, with a few pioneer favorites from ourprivate collection. The narrative of this year’s summer exhibition, “Spectrum,”reflects the myriad of styles, composition and character that these diverseworks exhibit. Altogether the artists involved constitute a more eclecticcuration, displaying the type of technical ability and longevity that all ofour resident contemporary names are known for. In line with our previous “ArtYour Wall” initiative, we have again endeavored to promote the art of combiningmodern and contemporary talents in inventive and inspiring ways to give life toyour living spaces. We have prepared this collective show as a representationof two aspects; the upcoming wealth of talent observed from the previousseason, which although impacted by the pandemic, was an inspiring force of promiseand beauty, and secondly, to recall the power of the modern era and its lastinginfluence on Egypt’s present-day contemporary artists.

Our summer collection this year is graced with works by acclaimed pioneers;Yousef Sida (1922-1944), Kamal Khalifa (1926-1968), Mohamed Ismail (1936-1993),Mahmoud Afifi (1920-1984) and fellow artist Ramzi Mostafa (1926-2015). Fromthese pioneers we feature contrasting forms of abstract art representing someof the most advanced forms of art from the 60s and 70s well ahead of theirtime. We will also be unveiling some never-before-seen gems from the likes ofesteemed pioneers at the vanguard of Egypt’s Modernist movement; one of the mostprominent surrealists Fouad Kamel (1919-1973) and the forgotten genius of HamedSaid (1908-2006), that are sure to delight and impress. From our talented cropof contemporary resident artists “Spectrum” is headlined by new works from;Mohamed Abla, Ahmed Farid, Ashraf Zamzami, Ibrahim Khatab, Karim Abdel Malak,Ahmed Saber and Ahmed Gafaary. Also present are assorted sculpture fromAlexandrian duo Sarkis Toosonian and Alfons Louis, as well as contemporarypaintings from talented female artists; Kinda Adly, Yasmine Reda, Rana Chalabiand Rasha Amin. These pieces span figurative, abstract, impressionist and artbrut (naïve art) styles, all of which we have curated around the broad yetharmonious spectrum of beauty that emanates from their works.

Additionally, this exhibition will contain works from establishedand long-time Safarkhan exhibitors Leila Izzet and Katherine Bakhoum. To roundoff this multifaceted exhibition we will be displaying works from relativelyunknown names that we feel deserve a chance to be seen, sourced from both ourprivate collection and the burgeoning field of contemporary art in Egypt, theseinclude; Tasneem El Mashad, Mohamed Rabei, Iman Ossama, Salah Boutros, HanyGhabriel, Fathi Afifi, Ghaidaa Ashraf, Alyaa Kamel, and more. Be sure to dropby throughout the summer months and watch the animation of the space change aswe refresh the collection with the second part of "Spectrum."

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