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Safarkhan gallery has the pleasure to invite you to its extended exhibition for the forthcoming period of summer. The collection includes a variety of artworks belonging to the era of the pioneers as well as a roundup of the story of contemporary art. Among some of the early works we are privileged to introduce the works of the great late artist El Hussien Fawzi and the great late artist Salah Abdel Kerim in the domain of sculpture and his fascinating theatrical designs. Then comes the works of Mahmoud Afifi during the sixties presented in the lovely painting of the “Peasant and the Worker”. Along those two pioneers we have a lovely drawing by Mounir Canaan depicting the guardian of the mosque, as well the works of the great artist and activist Inji Efflatoun.
In the contemporary art realism we are proud to present the woks of Dr. Abdel Salam Eid from Alexandria who left his mark in the massive street panels all over Egypt and the Middle East together with his fascinating contemporary pieces combining all kinds of materials. Side by side we arrive to the next generation of contemporary artists embodied in the works of Ashraf El Zamzami and his symbolic world, Mohamed Monaiseer who is a very promising artist with his experiments in abstracting the Arabic calligraphy into a rich dimension of detailed and eloquent abbreviation of our culture. Last but not least we introduce Karim Abdel Malak a new highly promising artist embodied in his layered works we witness the monumental old architecture mixed with contemporary life.
We look forward to your kind visit to view this extensive collection as well as our new and diversified collection in our Gouna Safarkhan Gallery branch. www.safarkhan.com
Please feel free to browse the collection via the attached links.
We thank you for your continued support and appreciation of our local and international activities and we look forward to your feedback and comments.
We wish you a wonderful summer holidays and a blessed Ramadan month for some of you.
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