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Mamdouh Ammar graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1952. He started teaching at the same faculty since 1959 and up until now. 

Mamdouh Ammar was chosen to go to Paris and Rome for a special mission to study painting and mural art. Mamdouh Ammar is one of the greatest contemporary Egyptian artists who were mainly attached with nature as a form of his creation. And in dealing with nature he doesn’t merely register it but decomposes the different elements in it and starts maneuvering with them by omitting and adding those which are important for his estheticism work. Through a period of 40 years of creative work Mamdouh Ammar was able to create his own niche which is relevant in his subject’s realism, the expression of their features and the using of warm colors rich with a technical mastery. 

We can summarize Mamdouh Ammar’s experience through five different periods.  The first period includes his drawings from Upper Egypt where we find present the architecture and the men and women in their everyday life. 

These were not portrayed as is but in unique forms and shapes combining the architectural element and the fluidity of expression. In the second period, there is a turning point in search of the architectural aspects found in the different elements of nature that is apparent in Ammar’s still life works where the geometric element is dominant. In his third period Mamdouh Ammar is turning back to the humankind and taking his example in the circus with all its contradictions of happiness and sorrow that are painted on the faces of the acrobats. In his fourth period which is considered to be the main one, Ammar goes to the metaphysical where the imagination of surrealism is combined with the expression. In his latest period, Mamdouh Ammar depicts another element of nature with a musical form and context.
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