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Esteemed French-Egyptian artist, and Safarkhan mainstay Katherine Bakhoum will feature her latest creations under the theme ‘Princesses and Palaces’ from March 14th to April 14th 2017. In her 14th showing at Safarkhan, Bakhoum will exhibit her captivating take on the princesses and palaces of oriental times, Bakhoum has succeeded in imprinting her unique stamp on the illustrative memories and depictions of these bygone times, and through it she evokes a whole world of emotive force full of nostalgia, allure and mesmerizing beauty. Bakhoum’s artistic style is a marriage of her multicultural upbringing, which saw her spend her childhood years in Egypt before moving to her also native France later on. Her paintings are a tribute to the echoes of oriental splendor, through her illustrative study of the characters and scenery that defined these ages, and has garnered her widespread acclaim for her typically realistic and striking painting method. This collection promises to be another captivating journey into the soul of oriental majesty, told through a regal color palette that exudes glorious and outstanding beauty as well as simple and refined realism all at once. Bakhoum’s artistic preference has always been steeped in a reverence for texture, oriental motifs and imagery and the echoes of historical times. Through her highly skillful and sensitive application of color, texture and sketching, Bakhoum reinvigorates all of the splendor and magic of these times, with the emphasis on the unmistakable beauty of her subjects, be they people or places. Bakhoum appeals to our fascination with ancient and foreign lands and the mystique of oriental beauty, the intriguing characters of their times and the palatial residences sprawling across picturesque desert oases dotted with Corinthian columns and date palms alike in all their glory. Her masterful application of pastel on canvas is a result of her classic obsession for detail and realism. 
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