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The Summer Collection

The Summer Collection of Safarkhan continues this season in the realm of exploring the marvelous works of four Egyptian artists from different generations, styles and directions.
We begin by the work of the great late artist Mohamed Ismail (B. 1936 – 1993) who explores on two large paintings (from a series of twelve pieces) using only two colors black and white the history and civilization of our country. Ismail uses symbols of human figures and other objects to indicate in a highly stylized equilibrium images of the artist’s imagination and performance that keeps the eyes and mind wondering of this beauty. 

As to Katherine Bakhoum the French artist from Egyptian origin, continues to explore the beauty of our ancestors in a contemporary orientalist manner using the pastel as her main medium in an exquisite nostalgic style portraying the daily life of the whirling Dervishes, the dancers and the noble Twareg.

In Sayed Saad El Din’s work we recognize the utmost of purity of the line, the elegance and graceful movement applied to the popular Egyptian people’s life and their daily work.

We end by a young artist who in few years became a highly recognized photographer because of her researches in this domain. In this collection Marwa Adel applies a novice trend that amalgamates between the new and the old in a marvellous manner denoting the continuation from the past to the present using shades of black and white.

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