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“Artyour Wall”

Opening1st June6:30 pm

Ending20th September9:00 pm



We are proud toannounce:

-Safarkhan’scontribution toproduce the Catalogue Raisonné of MahmoudSaid 1897-1964 ;produced byChristie’sDubai & Skira.

-Safarkhan’sparticipationwith several archival documents in the touring exhibition of  “ Art etLiberte , Rupture Guerre etSurréalisme (1938 - 1948) ” that opened in GeorgePompidou museum Paris and willtour around Europe in Madrid, Spain , Düsseldorf,Germany and Tate,Liverpool.

- Safarkhan’sparticipationwith two rare pieces of the prison period for the great womanartistactivist InjiEfflatoun  (1924-1989) inthe touring exhibitionof “ Post War - Art between the Pacific and the Atlantic1945-1965 ” in Haus DerKunst museum in Munich Germany. The show includes 350artworks by 218 artistsfrom 65 countries.

- Safarkhan’scollaborationwith MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) New York publication “Arab Art inthe TwentiethCentury: Primary document” to produce the translation ofInjiEfflatoun‘sextracts from her prison diaries.

- Safarkhan’sparticipationwith Afterall Journal to produce “The many lives of rebel painterInjiEfflatoun”by Karlen Wilson Goldie.

- Safarkhan’ssuccessfulparticipation in Christie’s Dubai with a strong work by talentedartist AhmadFarid.



Art your Wall 


Safarkhan has the pleasureto invite you to its extendedaltering exhibition “Art your Wall”; a concept thatcombinesthe Pioneers & Contemporary art in one wall (see the aboveimage).

The curationoffers theviewer the chance to acquire walls of art curated with multipleartists fromdifferent generations in diverse mediums, concepts and techniques.

From the era ofthe Pioneers: weare privileged to show the great woman, artistand activist InjiEfflatoun 1924-1989 whose artworks and name is wellsought after byinternational museums and art institutions. We also have thetalented lateartist Mohamed Ismail 1936-1993 with his large oilsummarizingthe culmination of all his globetrotting travels in a masterpiece ofsimple yetcomplex green tones. Zakaria El-Zeini 1932-1993 themaster ofsymbolism, geometric designs and unorthodox figures depicting Egyptianlife invarious compelling forms. The late Kamal Khalifa 1926-1968 inhis blackand white minimalist rare masterpieces.

From the Contemporary scene:we have theacclaimed Egyptian international artist Mohamed Abla ina new view and anexceptional marriage of his old and new works.We alsointroducethe talented artist Ahmad Farid in his depiction of Egyptianstoriesusing stunning abstract figurative canvases to convey society’spolarities. The young rising talent Ibrahim Kattab inhisfirst exhibition exploring the Arabic calligraphy using unique varioustexturesand abstractive effects. Karim Abdel Malak in hissecond successfulexhibition; a tribute to women’s empowerment in unison withbirds seeking to befree. The ever enchanting Katherine Bakhoum inher fourteenth exhibitionwith Safarkhan offering us a nostalgic trip into thecharms of theorient.


We look forwardto your kindvisit to view this extensive collection. http://safarkhan.com

We thank youfor yourcontinued support and appreciation of our local and internationalactivities andwe look forward to your feedback and comments.

Wishing you awonderful summerholidays and a blessed Ramadan month.


Blessings fromthe SAFARKHANteam.


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