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Kamal Khalifa is considered Egypt’s leading modern artist. He left the art world with separate categories of artwork: sculpture, paintings and black and white drawings. He produced his sculptures in a structured traditional way with a loose stylized form. It was important for him that his bronze or gypsum sculpture should display flow and movement. And it is that feeling of movement that stays with one rather than the absolute form. 

While Kamal Khalifa was a student in his 4th year at the Faculty of Fine Arts he quit, claiming that his studies were not adding to him. Kamal Khalifa came from a modest background. He lived all his life in Bab El-Louk in one room on the roof top of an old house and it was in this small room that he produced all his great work and there where he died from tuberculosis. 

The black and white drawings demonstrate Kamal Khalifa’s relaxed less formal style which is not as evident as in his full colored work. Kamal Khalifa uses two techniques in his still life colored paintings which focus on floral displays. The first involves interplay of color coupled with a flirtation with abstraction. The second establishes a rich variety taken from the artist’s esthetatic research in his dramatic environment. To summarize his work we can say that his personal suffering is expressed in his sculptures and paintings and reaches out universally.
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