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Safarkhan gallery has the pleasure and honor to introduce to you the exhibition of: 

"To Egypt with Love" in contribution and acknowledgment of the miraculous revolution that took place on the 25th of January 2011 under the leadership of a group of the most promising Egyptian youth. The youth who wanted to change everything in the country that was oppressing them for 30 years in order to let the whole nation live equally in a healthy and truthful environment full of pride and hope for the forthcoming generations. May god bless them. 

The exhibition is a collaborative effort by three young promising talents that are being introduced by Safarkhan ( some of them have never exhibited before) . Alaa Taher, Bassem Samir and Hossam Hassan have captured their own vision of the transforming events of the past weeks. Through their unique art we witness the beauty, pride and passion of the great land of Egypt and its honorable people.
The collective exhibition entitled "To Egypt with Love". Proceeds From the exhibition will go to charity.
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